Best way to backup photos from Iphone to Ubuntu

Tags : Iphone / Ubuntu

Best way to backup photos on Iphone to Ubuntu, also it is observed that it is much more faster than any other process

Steps to backup photos from Iphone

  1. Need to install ifuse library
    • command to install ifuse
    • sudo apt install ifuse
  2. Create a directory where ever you prefer, for example directory named iphone in home
    • mkdir ~/iphone
  3. Mount the Iphone to this iphone directory
    • command to mount Iphone
    • ifuse ~/iphone
    • Navigate to the folder and one can see following directories in it IPhoneMountedDirectory
  4. Open the DCIM directory, and you will find all your photos segrageted into folders
  5. Once you copy them to your ubuntu machine, unmount the Iphone
    • command to unmount
    • fusermount -u ~/iphone